Sensory Pathways-Wishulada Panthanuvong

Wishulada Panthanuvong

Wishulada Panthanuvong is a social activist artist who creates artwork from various waste materials to achieve their maximum benefit according to the Circular Economy concept. With a firm belief that “Nothing is worthless” and “Everybody can do,” Wishulada advocates for her audience to start a sustainable lifestyle from themselves. From her material sourcing process, she tries to tackle the issue from upstream to downstream. She collects wastes from the industrial production process such as plastic straps, overproduced medals, defect laces from factories, etc. to the post consumption wastes such as plastic bags, bottles, used and leftover fabrics, etc. 

Wishulada is known for her colorful gigantic sculptural installations. Unlike many artists who demand the end result to match their intention, Wishulada lets the materials guide her. Her works thus usually come in otherworldly forms. The large scale of her works, imbues the audience awareness of how big the issue we are faced with. Her works, which contain pieces from our daily trash such as bottle lids and non recyclable plastic containers, visually and personally indicate how great the amount of waste we humans create. She stands on the firm ground that there can be various definitions of art. Hers is the one where creativity meets activism.

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