Sensory Pathways-Kaewtrakarn Junlabon

Kaewtrakan Junlabon


In this work titled “Yangna,” Kaewtrakan uses the form of the fruit of Yangna tree (Dipterocarpus Alatus) and juxtaposes it to the local Thai tradition, The Ordination of Trees, to tell the story of preservation. This tradition involves wrapping tree trunks by colorful fabrics or yellow robes worn by buddhist monks to mark that the trees are ordained, sacred, and protected by animist spirits. Kaewtrakan explores this gesture of wrapping around the tree trunks, which has been done since ancient times, to celebrate the hotel’s determination in preserving as many of the local trees as possible


“Yangna” is a celebration of the strength and resilience of Nature. Although, in the modern environment, Yangna’s chance of growing naturally is quite rare, once it’s mature, it could withstand any harsh circumstances and stand tall.  She compares these qualities to those of humanity. Comparably, we face evermore challenging circumstances such as the environmental crisis. As a species, we need the same resolute volition to thrive and creatively overcome the challenges as that of the very Yangna tree in this installation.


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