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  • Please Sign in to join the campaign.
  • Please use your real name and surname to join this campaign. We will use your name to verify your discount and reward.
  • Do not touch the art and carefully when taking a photo with it.
  • Sensory pathways will be on in October to April 2024 you can use the discount during the campaign only.
  • You can use only 1 discount for 1 table that you book .
  • We reserve the right, In any circumstance, to reject the return booking fee after you confirm your booking.
  • Please capture the screenshot after you finish games to verify the discount.

How to play

  • Sign in into 333 .
  • Enter the Sensory Pathways site.
  • At the Art Rally you will see a spot of Art that Installs at Hyatt Regency Koh Samui.
  • Tap on an AR camera and choose Facebook or Instagram that are easier for you.
  • After entering the AR camera you have to find a Key number at the art label.
  • When you see the number enter it in the chest box. 
  • After you claim the reward system will show that you have visited the art piece.
  • Run into the next spot and collect all rewards to win a discount. 
  • Have fun with art and sensory at Hyatt