Artists who created wonderful art in this campaign

To truly emphasize the power of art in capturing personal emotions and experiences, one must ardently believe in its essence
and possess a multitude of relevant encounters.


 Kaewtrakan uses the form of the fruit of Yangna tree
(Dipterocarpus Alatus) and juxtaposes it to the local Thai tradition.

Wishulada, a social activist artist, crafts art from waste, embracing
the Circular Economy concept

“Alatus’s Totem” is an art project in response to the anthropocentric worldview that dominates human’s thinking and behavior worldwide.

Wuthigrai is a textile artist whose works explore ways to rethink and
revitalize traditional crafts while balancing between the integrity of tradition and the exploratory approach to the practice.

“It Might Be Loud” explores the perception of surfaces transposing the artist’s spatial perceptions into a tangible piece of art.

Takorn Tavornchotivong is a textile artist and fashion designer, known for his unconventional approach in material and design.

Maneerat Thamnarak or Bo is a Thai artist whose works explore overlooked and untold stories of the environment she encounters.

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