Mr. Tira Vanichtheeranont’s passion for collecting Vietnamese ancient art served as the catalyst for the creation of 333Gallery. With over 20 years of experience as an antique collector and a growing reputation in the art world, he transitioned from being a collector to owning his own art gallery. 333Gallery was born, achieving significant success, such as his Vietnamese art collection being acquired by the Singapore National Museum.

Named after countless hours spent on flights, discussing art, and enjoying bottles of beer, the gallery’s name, 333 or “BA BA BA,” pays homage to the most famous beer brand in Vietnam. This unique origin story offers visitors a glimpse into the gallery’s roots and its connection to the region.

333Gallery Group has since established itself as a center for contemporary art in Emerging Asia. With comprehensive collections curated by a notable art collector, the gallery now provides 360° services in the art world and is dedicated to promoting Southeast Asian art on the international stage.

333Gallery extends an invitation to artists from neighboring countries to showcase their work, offering guidance from a professional team with expertise in organizing events and exhibitions. Additionally, 333Gallery provides opportunities for Souteast Asian artists to exhibit their art overseas through art exchange collaborations with neighboring countries.

As a leading and pioneering art gallery in Thailand, 333Gallery is committed to developing and supporting the Southeast Asian art scene, elevating it to meet and surpass international standards. By reimagining the art discovery process, the gallery creates memorable experiences that generate a lasting impact.

333Gallery’s overseas expansion is a testament to their commitment to bring the Southeast Asian art market to the global stage, forging new connections and opportunities for artists and art enthusiasts alike.

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