Sensory Pathways-Rungruang Sittirerk

Rungruang Sittirerk

Born in 1988, Rungruang Sittirerk grew up in a rural area of Mae Ai, Chiangmai, Thailand. Moving from place to place throughout his childhood drew up his interests in the topic of migration. As a child, Rungruang was left with different relatives in his hometown, while his parents worked as laborers in Bangkok. They later died from work-related illness. Despite the difficult childhood, Rungruang does not recollect the past as a traumatic experience. In fact, his way of dealing with materials could lead one to believe he had a romanticized outlook. In his works, he usually examines urban migrants’ life similar to that of his parents as a way of overcoming his personal experience. Rungruang’s works assemble multitudes of stories of displaced people in cities and his reflection of contents such as songs, tales, and movies that are relevant to people of the working class. Although usually stemming from personal stories of individuals, his works touch upon some bigger issues of modern capitalism and globalization.  


Rungruang’s works were featured in many Notable solo and group shows including the Bangkok Art Biennale (2020).

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