Conspiracy – Phapat Seenaem

Unveil the Intrigue: Explore the Intersection of Art and Belief at the "Conspiracy" Art Exhibition – Solo Exhibition of Phapat Seenaem
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Unveil the Intrigue: Explore the Intersection of Art and Belief at the “Conspiracy” Art Exhibition – Solo Exhibition of Phapat Seenaem

Dive into the enigmatic world of “Conspiracy,” an art exhibition that transcends cultural boundaries, inviting you to challenge preconceived notions and explore the dynamic relationship between Western beliefs and our own cultural perspectives. Delve into the intersection of conspiracy theories, scientific inquiry, and spiritual traditions, as the exhibition navigates the thin line between the rational and the supernatural.

At the heart of “Conspiracy” lies a profound exploration of knowledge and ritual, where the concept of education as a ritual and knowledge as a tool to both challenge and create stability takes center stage. The exhibition prompts contemplation on how these ideas shape our worldview and belief systems, shedding light on the intricate dance between power dynamics, opportunities, and hidden agendas.

“Conspiracy” goes beyond the surface of mainstream ideas, unraveling the various meanings associated with the word—conspiracy, rebellion, and more. Depending on the observer—be it a skeptic, authority figure, or believer—the exhibition sparks conversations about the disparities in ideas and beliefs.

As you witness performances of dance and rituals, the hidden agendas come to life, echoing the sentiment that fear can be a skillful device to conceal deeper truths. Don’t be content with the frightening mystery at face value; instead, join us in deciphering the layers of meaning and uncovering the subtle nuances within the intricate tapestry of “Conspiracy.”

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Embark on a thought-provoking journey where art becomes a gateway to understanding the complexities of belief systems, unveiling the concealed narratives that shape our perceptions. “Conspiracy” invites you to question, contemplate, and appreciate the artistry that lies in the interplay between the known and the mysterious.

About Artist

Hailing from Thailand, the artist Phlu specializes in the creation of realistic and figurative artworks, which intricately portray social beliefs and international cultures in contemporary renditions. Utilizing the medium of contemporary oil paintings, Phlu endeavors to evoke contemplation through rhetorical inquiries concerning the origins of ingrained beliefs and faith. According to the artist, the concept of belief constitutes an ongoing process, bestowing a sense of stability, while hope embodies a forward-looking perspective. In instances where individuals find no tangible object to anchor their faith, they may turn to the realm of myth and belief. Phlu’s artistic oeuvre frequently incorporates themes associated with virtue and religion, interwoven with ritual symbols, commonplace scenarios, political considerations, and social movements that have left an indelible mark on his life.

“CONSPIRACY” – Solo Exhibition of Phapat Seenaem

Open of Event of Jan 6, 2024, 6.00pm.

From 6-31 January 2024

At 333Gallery / warehouse30

Gallery: open Tuesday – Sunday 11.00am. – 06.00pm. (Close on Monday)

Limited Parking Available and charges apply.

Official line: @ 333gallery

Social Media: 333GalleryGroup

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