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In Chroma, Amnaj Wachirasut explores the color palette in all its diversity and qualities. The colors used range from black and white, to bright red, to pastel. When Wachirasut works with colors, it is as if he orchestrated it. He simultaneously manages the colors as they appear on the surface. It is an ongoing process of consideration and adjustment using his personal sense to guide each color combination.

Hello Stranger

Krit Chantranet's collection of works HELLO STRANGERS, spans over a decade and offers viewers a unique perspective on the human body as a space with a rich mythology and history. As a painter who observes contemporary life, Krit's artwork reflects the mystery of understanding ourselves as individuals, presenting his own story as an artist and inviting the audience to trace history through organized bodies that deviate from what we consider natural.


From the artist's life experiences, his thoughts crystallized, and his self-realization It was discovered that, in the end, the genuine self can emerge from letting things unfold spontaneously and that there is no need to set or control anything; rather, one only needs to observe, select, and make decisions. Similar to the manner in which Ravit creates this recent series of paintings. He believes it is his responsibility to 'create a cause' and then allow the emotions and sentiments of the moment to propel him into the flow state of mind, resulting in the phenomena of each piece's distinctive colors and textures superimposing. In the final result, there is an unexpected beauty. and he, as the master of his creation, is the only one capable of completing what he started.

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“Look Simple but Complex!” Ravit Teutvongse An Abstract Painter Being charmed by the trowel and the thickness of acrylic paints, Ravit has encapsulated his emotions, life attitudes, and ideas in a tangible form on the canvas, the battlefield of his feelings and eagerness for success.

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Love in 3020: NateepolCharoenthurayont

How do you imagine love in the next 1000 years?
We currently live in a fast-paced world where everything changes at a rapid rate.
Many people are continually adjusting and adapting to keep up, and yet our society is
rife with criticism and judgment.

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Silpa Bhirasri: The Big Bang of the Thai Art Sphere

I wasn’t born in Italy in my former life, nor does my life in the present day attend Silpakorn University. However, I love dwelling in Prof. Silpa Bhirasri’s office which is currently open as a museum without paying an entrance fee. My office is pretty close to this place in the Tha-Pra-Chan area. When I don’t feel hungry or feel like skipping my job during the

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