Nateepol Charoenthurayont

Short Biography

Nateepol, a talented printmaking artist, was born in Chiangmai, Thailand. His artistic style embodies a fusion of pop-surrealism and cartoonist drawing, employing an old traditional art technique known as “Woodcut.” From a young age, Nateepol had a deep passion for drawing and painting in a cartoon style. He found great joy in immersing himself in the world of Japanese 80-90s cartoons, commonly referred to as “Manga.”

As he matured, Nateepol pursued his interest in the arts further by enrolling in the Printmaking program at Chiangmai University’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Here, he honed his skills and delved into the intricacies of printmaking techniques.

Through his art, Nateepol weaves together narratives that reflect both the positive and negative aspects of his life, as well as his contemplation on the state of his beloved country, Thailand. Moreover, he has a knack for crafting stories that inspire and uplift individuals, leaving a lasting positive impact on their lives.



2023  – Jul Group Exhibition : NOT EXACTLY “A-NO-NE” at at “333Gallery” Warehouse30 in Bangkok
2023  – Feb Solo exhibition “Love in 3020” mini story at “SevenFriday” in Bangkok by “333Gallery”
2022 – Dec Solo exhibition “Love in 3020” mini story at “Brewgining” in Chaingmai by “333Gallery”
2022 – Apr Invite to group exhibition with Thailandprintmaking & Umble  “In a Relation-Shade” printmaking exhibition at “PPPStudio” in Bangkok
2022 – Feb Solo exhibition “Love in 3020” Chapter “It’s gonna be ok” at “333Gallery” Warehouse30 in Bangkok
2020 – Dec Solo exhibition “Love in 3020” at “Baan104” in Chaiangmai 2019 – Dec have a Duo co-operation exhibition “Kill your weakness” with “Tanakorn Prakobkong” artist name “The Noew” at “Thunder bird hostel” in Chaiangmai
2019 – May Solo exhibition “The Naughty innocent?” at “The Meeting room Art gallery” in Chiangmai
2019 – May Join the “HIT-Exhibition: Artistic Relief Printing” at Haugesund, Norway
2019 – Feb Invite to group exhibition “Auc-arts on stage” at “Up Avenue Chiangmai” in Chiangmai
2019 – Feb Join the “Gallery night” In Bangkok at “Rom design”
2018 – Dec first solo exhibition “Who are we?” at “Rom design” Ari 4 north Bangkok
2018 – Sep have invite for  Auction art at page “Auc-arts” live auction online in Chiangmai
2018 – Jul have a Duo exhibition “Perception of happiness” with “Siam Arak” at “Akyra” Chiangmai
2017 – Nov have invite to group exhibition for opening “MartMore art&music” at “Wood bar” Chiangmai
2017 – Feb Join TCDC make Chiangmai art map for second “Gallery night” in Chiangmai make a group exhibition name “Gone with the wood” at “Detales studio” in Chiangmai
2016 – Dec have another group exhibition for King Rama9 at “Baan kangaroo wat gallery” Chiangmai
2016 – Dec have a group exhibition and woodcut workshop for King Rama9 at “Pong Noi gallery” Chiangmai
2016 – Open up “Detales Studio” in Chiangmai
2014 – Graduated from Faculty of FineArts Chiangmai University
2008 – start learning Art in Faculty of FineArts Chiangmai University
1990 – Born in Chiangmai Thailand


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