Artist FAQ

How do I sign up as an artist on 333gallery.com

To sign up as an artist, visit our website and create an account. During registration, select “Artist” as your account type. Complete your artist profile and submit the necessary KYC verification documents. Once your KYC verification is approved, you can start listing your artwork for sale on our platform.

What kind of artwork can I sell on the platform?

333gallery.com accepts a wide range of art forms, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photography, prints, mixed media, and art toys. However, please ensure your artwork complies with our content guidelines and does not contain explicit or offensive content, hate speech, or infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

How do I price my artwork?

When pricing your artwork, consider factors such as the cost of materials, time spent creating the piece, and your desired profit margin. Research similar artworks and artists within the marketplace to help determine a competitive price. Keep in mind that our platform takes a commission from each sale, so factor that into your pricing as well.

If you need assistance or guidance in pricing your artwork, feel free to reach out to our team at [email protected]. Our experienced staff can provide you with advice and help you determine an appropriate price for your artwork based on market trends and the unique characteristics of your piece.

Who is responsible for shipping the artwork?

As the artist, you are responsible for packing the artwork according to the platform’s packaging guidelines and informing us when the artwork is ready for shipment. Our team will schedule a courier to pick up the artwork, and we will cover the shipping cost. The buyer pays the shipping cost to us.

When will I receive payment for my sold artwork?

You will receive payment for your sold artwork after the buyer is 100% satisfied, due to our 7-day return policy. If the buyer is not satisfied, they may return the artwork within 7 days after receiving it. Payments to artists will be made according to our Payment and Refund Policy, which outlines the specific terms and conditions for processing payments.

Please refer to the Payment and Refund Policy for more information on payment schedules and methods. If you have any questions or concerns regarding payments, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected]

What is the commission rate for artists?

333gallery.com charges a commission rate of 35% on each artwork sale. This commission helps cover the costs of maintaining the platform, promoting your artwork, and providing customer support.

How can I promote my artwork on 333gallery.com?

To increase visibility and sales, make sure your artist profile is complete and includes high-quality images of your artwork, a descriptive title, and a detailed description. You can also share your artwork listings on social media and link to your 333gallery.com/yourprofile from your personal website or blog.

How often should I upload new artwork to the platform?

To maintain a fresh and engaging presence on 333gallery.com, we recommend that you regularly upload new artwork, ideally every 3-5 days. Consistently adding new pieces to your portfolio helps increase your visibility on the platform and keeps your followers and potential buyers interested. Our automatic system promotes artists who frequently update their portfolios, further enhancing your exposure to potential buyers.

Remember to share your new artwork listings on social media and link to your 333gallery.com/yourprofile from your personal website or blog to further promote your work and drive traffic to your portfolio.

Can I sell limited edition prints or series?

Yes, you can sell limited edition prints or series on our platform. When listing your artwork, specify the edition size and the specific number of the piece being sold (e.g., “5/50” for the fifth piece in an edition of 50).

What happens if my artwork is damaged during shipping?

In the event that your artwork is damaged during shipping, please notify us immediately. We will work with you, the buyer, and the courier to resolve the issue on a case-by-case basis.

Can I sell my artwork on other platforms or galleries?

As an artist on 333gallery.com, we require that artwork listed and sold on our platform is not concurrently available for sale on other platforms. This exclusivity helps maintain the uniqueness of our marketplace and ensures a consistent experience for our buyers. You are free to sell other artworks that are not listed on our platform through galleries, art fairs, or other online platforms.

Please make sure that your artwork listings on 333gallery.com remain accurate and up-to-date, and promptly remove any sold artwork from other platforms to prevent double sales. If we find instances of double sales or violations of our exclusivity policy, we may delete or temporarily disable your account until the problem is resolved.

If you have any questions about our exclusivity policy or need assistance with managing your artwork listings, please contact our support team at [email protected].

How do I update my artist profile and contact information?

To update your artist profile and contact information, log in to your account on 333gallery.com and navigate to your profile settings. Here, you can edit your profile picture, biography, artist statement, contact information, and other relevant details. Remember to save your changes before exiting the page. Keeping your profile up-to-date ensures that potential buyers have access to accurate and current information about you and your work.

How do I handle custom artwork requests or commissions?

333gallery.com encourages artists to accept custom artwork requests or commissions from buyers. If a buyer contacts you with a custom request, communicate with them to understand their requirements and expectations. Once both parties agree on the project scope, price, and timeline, you can create a custom listing for the commissioned piece on our platform. Make sure to keep the buyer updated on the progress of the commissioned artwork and maintain open communication throughout the process.

Can I offer discounts or promotions for my artwork?

Yes, you can offer discounts or promotions for your artwork on 333gallery.com. To create a promotion, log in to your account and navigate to your artwork listings. Select the artwork you want to discount and edit the price to reflect the promotional offer. You can also promote your discounted artwork on social media and your personal website to attract more buyers.

How do I delete my account or remove my artwork from the platform?

If you wish to delete your account or remove your artwork from 333gallery.com, please contact our support team at [email protected]. Our team will assist you in removing your artwork and/or deleting your account as per your request.

Do I retain the copyright of my artwork?

Yes, as an artist on 333gallery.com, you retain the copyright to your artwork. When you sell a piece of art through our platform, you grant the buyer the right to own and display the physical artwork, but you retain the copyright and intellectual property rights associated with the piece. You may continue to use images of your sold artwork for promotional purposes, as well as create and sell prints or other derivative works based on the original.

Can I collaborate with other artists on the platform?

333gallery.com encourages artists to collaborate and engage with one another. You can connect with other artists on the platform by following their profiles, leaving comments on their artwork, or reaching out to them directly through our messaging system. If you decide to collaborate on a project, both artists should be credited in the artwork listing and agree upon the terms of the collaboration, including pricing and commission sharing.

How do I handle taxes on my artwork sales?

As an artist on 333gallery.com, you are responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes on your artwork sales. This may include income tax, sales tax, or value-added tax (VAT), depending on your location and local tax laws. We recommend consulting with a tax professional or your local tax authority to ensure compliance with your tax obligations.

Can I participate in art contests or events organized by 333gallery.com?

Yes, we periodically organize art contests and events to promote our artists and showcase their work. As an artist on our platform, you are welcome to participate in these events, subject to the specific rules and guidelines provided for each contest or event. Participation in these events can help increase your visibility on the platform, engage with fellow artists, and potentially win prizes or recognition for your work.

How do I report an issue or provide feedback on the platform?

We value your feedback and are committed to providing the best possible experience on 333gallery.com. If you encounter any issues or have suggestions for improvement, please contact our support team at [email protected]. We appreciate your input and will work to address your concerns and improve the platform for all users.

How do I stay informed about news and updates related to 333gallery.com?

Stay up-to-date with the latest news, updates, and opportunities on 333gallery.com by subscribing to our newsletter, following our social media channels, and regularly checking our platform for announcements. We will share information about new features, contests, events, and other relevant updates to help you make the most of your experience on our platform.

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