Short Biography

   Supanwasri Ngarmpanja

Thailand, Bangkok

    The artist is half Thai and half Chinese. She achieved her bachelor’s degree from Silpakorn University’s Department of Thai Art, Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts, Silpakorn University

     The artist was continuously interested in Thai art, Thai architecture (light-shadow and architectural angles), and the process of Thai stucco  Benjarong tiles. Therefore, she decided to construct works using stucco and plastic embellishment. This is a new technique created from the merging of past and present Thainess. This artwork also employs shapes from a Thai architectural standpoint, which symbolizes the goodness of Thai traditional culture, to portray the story of today’s changing society, the phenomenon of modern world society, context in the present day, social living conditions, items used, and the contemporary style of life.

   She is currently a drawing and visual arts teacher at the Factory Art Center Studio. She is also a painter and sculptor who is constantly experimenting with new techniques and expanding her understanding of both domestic and international cultures.                                         

Group Exhibition

2023   – 2rd Prize,The 38th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by YoungArtists, Art Centre Silpakorn University, NakhonPathom,Thailand

2022   – The 37th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists, Art Centre Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom,Thailand

              – ERIA Art Thesis Exhibition, Arts Gallery at Ban Chao   Phraya,Bangkok, Thailand

              -“Exchange and Learn” on the Occasion of the 46th Anniversary of Thai Art Department, PhraPhrombhichitr Architecture and Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand

               -The 1st FAC Art Market, FAC : Factory Art Centre, Bangkok,Thailand

2021    – The 37th Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young  Artists,ArtCentre Silpakorn University, Nakhon Pathom,Thailand

               – Songkhla International Art Project “ Linking from Generation to Generation ” ART NEW GEN Regenerate-Normal Condition, Songkhla Art Gallery, Songkhla, Thailand

               – The 12th Young Artist Talent Development Project Exhibition/Young Artist Talent 12th, Rajdumnern Contemporary Art Center, Bangkok, Thailand

2020    – Art exhibition by Art Club Bangkok, ASIATIQUE The Riverfront, Bangkok,Thailand

                – The Art Camp:Paint From Home exhibition of the year 2020, The Queen Sirikit Art Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand


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