Atjima Jaroenchit

“The color blue dream” provides an expansive space for artists to seek meaning and influence her minds. It symbolizes freedom and tranquility. Seeing the color blue can evoke various emotions and states of mind, from a sense of peace and serenity to a desire for the freedom of the ocean and sky. When the captivating force of blue surrounds the mind, it senses freshness, calmness, and openness, inspiring creative thoughts and artistic expressions in different forms that reflect the atmosphere of the sky and the sea. Additionally, it may represent a love for serenity, a dream of freedom, or an open-minded perspective towards the world, which blue bestows.

This collection emphasizes the characteristics of water reflecting bright and pure light, clear, and pristine with a subtle balance between lightness and depth. It can fully convey the multifaceted meaning of “The Color Blue Dream”.

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