Sensory Pathways artist

Sensory Pathways-Wuthigrai Siriphon

Wuthigrai Siriphon Wuthigrai Siriphon is a textile artist and researcher based in Thailand. His works explore ways to rethink and revitalize traditional crafts while balancing between the integrity of tradition and the exploratory approach to the practice. His projects often combine traditional Thai craft techniques with unconventional materials such as paper, monofilament and paper. In …

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Sensory Pathways-Wishulada Panthanuvong

Wishulada Panthanuvong Wishulada Panthanuvong is a social activist artist who creates artwork from various waste materials to achieve their maximum benefit according to the Circular Economy concept. With a firm belief that “Nothing is worthless” and “Everybody can do,” Wishulada advocates for her audience to start a sustainable lifestyle from themselves. From her material sourcing …

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